Sailing Catamaran Mystique

The Crew

Our Crew – Your Crew

Our crew shares a unique passion for sailing and hospitality. With years of boating experience, 5 star service and a wealth of local knowledge, our crew will be an indispensable guide to all the great attractions of the wonderful Greek Islands.

Along with the personal service of a professional captain and chef, you'll enjoy an exclusive getaway with outstanding meals, water sports and more - all suited to your specific tastes and desires.

Our crew's professionalism and attention to detail are combined with their ability to enthusiastically bring you an exceptional sailing experience.

Each of our crewmembers has a unique background and range of experiences. All members of our professional crew have been carefully selected to ensure you have the best time on the water.

Monika and Jürgen

Your crew's goal is providing an unforgettable vacation experience for everyone aboard. The crew profiles will follow shortly.

Chef/hostess Monika Kudyba

Monika is a world traveler, she has been on the sunny side of Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Africa! Add to this fresh, wholesome ingredients together with a love for people and you are bound to come up with interesting, delicious, healthy meals to die for. She has an infectious, dynamic energy which comes from interacting and sharing experiences with others - it is bound to rub off on you and make your vacation memorable.

Preparing and sharing her dishes: The satisfaction of being hostess and seeing the enjoyment and pleasure in others makes her happy. Traveling the islands, no two days the same, the daily adventures as well as new flavours and aromas to add to her imaginative cuisine - this is exactly what she wants to do with her life.

Skipper Jürgen Knuth

From racing across the North Sea, to cruising along the warm shores of North Africa and the Mediterranean, Martin has been sailing since 1999, as a charter, survey, and racing skipper. His extensive experience means that he is always able to ensure a fast, safe and comfortable passage under any conditions.

Jürgen's love of the sea and travel is only matched by his enthusiasm for meeting new people: he's easy-going, open-minded, and will make sure he can tailor your vacation experience to you. Using his wide knowledge of the local culture, people, and the surrounding islands, Jürgen enjoys showing off the unique and unexpected treasures Greece has to offer - and that most people will never see!